solsticelights9:30 AM Worship & Sunday School for Elementary age children

10:45 AM A time for food and conversation following worship in the Community Room

Good People,  Great Conversation,  Above-Average Coffee and Snacks

Everyone is Welcome!

Child Care (off the community room) is available for infants and young children during worship. Children and Youth are invited to begin the morning in Sunday School downstairs and join their parents in worship for Children’s Moments.  Each Sunday we end our worship service together as a community.

Upcoming Worship Themes

Fall Sermon Series: Weird Bible Stories…

If you’ve ever read the Bible in its entirety, then you know there are some odd Bible stories.   These stories are not often taught in Sunday School or preached from the pulpit, in part because we don’t know how to handle them.  This fall, Rev. Jessica will explore some of these weird Bible stories, and perhaps find some deeper meaning than one would imagine at first glance.

August 24—Jesus & the Fig Tree, Mark 11
August 31-The Unusual Price of Marriage, 1 Samuel 18
September 7—Baldness and Bears, 2 Kings 2
September 14—Dry Bones, Ezekiel 37
September 28—The Talking Donkey, Numbers 22
October 5—God’s Backside, Exodus 33
October 12—The Tower of Babel, Genesis 11
October 19 – Jonah and the Big Fish, Book of Jonah





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